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Conservation efforts are getting more important very year

Wildlife conservation and fishing have gone hand in hand for decades, because nobody appreciates wildlife like the people who interact with it. Conservation efforts are getting more important very year as new threats to the environment emerge. Western trout species are particularly threatened, but people are also taking action to protect them.


Pollution is probably the most famous environmental problem, and it's the one that has the greatest potential to do damage quickly. Pollutants can spread quickly in an aquatic environment, and it usually doesn't take very much to kill an animal, so fish are even more vulnerable to them than other organisms. This is especially true for fish that are near the top of the food chain, like trout. Pollutants accumulate in the flesh of creatures that get exposed to them, and they get passed on to predators when they get eaten. That results in trout getting exposed to both pollutants from the environment and toxins from their food, which is more than enough to make populations collapse.

The effect is so significant that researchers sometimes use declining trout populations as an indicator of pollution. The method has been in use around the Great Lakes for decades, but the method has long since spread. That's useful for scientists, but it's terrible for the fish.

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